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“The day I lost you my tongue felt like copper.

Salty and rusty and so so heavy it almost forced me to the ground.

The day I lost you my lungs were ready to give out.

I had forgotten how walking the same earth as you kept me alive.

The day I lost you I found myself.

It was so hard, to remember who I was aside from the person who loved you.

I’m still not sure, darling, but I’ll keep on searching.

One breath at a time.”

Isabelle F.


“When I say I’m yours I don’t mean I belong to you like a property.

That’s too easy, darling. Too plain for this love that we’ve crafted.

When I say I’m yours I mean my soul chose yours to make a home with.

It means my every heartbeat pounds to the rhythm of your smile, and my every breath aches to fan over your skin.

It means your name is etched on my eyelids so I can take you with me when dreams come to carry me away.

It means I’ll stay even when everything else is fading away.”

Isabelle F.


“You swore the future would wait for us.

Swore it would be enough to hold onto sandcastle promises and volatile tides.

Swore the days we spent in bliss would turn into an eternity built together.

But, darling, time flew by so fast we never even had a chance to catch it.”

Isabelle F.


“In the end the words we didn’t speak were the noose that took the last breath of whatever love was left between us.”

Isabelle F.


“To you I’m just collateral damage in your endless battle to find yourself.”

Isabelle F.


“You promise yourself fear will never stutter in your heart.

Not ever again.

You’ll cling to neon dreams and iridescent fairytales.

Hope will stick to your honey lips and turn every word they grace into courage.

You’ll be so goddamned brave, light will have to make room for you.”

Isabelle F.

Darling, love is supposed to build you up, no…

love is supposed to build you up, not tear you down.

please, oh please,
have the courage to choose the truth even when it hurts.
fairy tales have a way of wrecking you in the end.

The thing is, darling, rainbows don’t always c…

The thing is, darling, rainbows don’t always come after the storm.

Sometimes dripping hair and shaking hands are all you have to start over.

So, my love,
Learn to find comfort in cloudy skies and fading horizons.

We both chose to get lit on fire, but somehow …

We both chose to get lit on fire, but somehow I’m the only one who got consumed into ashes.

I’m consumed by you, darling.
And there’s nothing left for me to give.