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Self-control is the only real form of control; everything else is influence. We can be influenced by others or influence them ourselves, but never exercise absolute control. Such is the universal law of personal freedom.


We search for happiness and fulfillment, but we look in the wrong places. We search for them in rare experiences, in some far and distant goal, in amassed wealth, in big job positions, in some ideal future mate, and so on. Happiness is local, it resides in the commonplace, in community, family, friends, in simple pleasures. We would have fulfillment in abundance, were we only to shift our focus locally.


We cannot necessarily control our emotions, but we can certainly influence their duration and intensity. Anger, anxiety, lust, and other vices only grow when fed, when we continue to dwell upon them, when we give them an audience. Positive emotions work much the same way, happiness in large part depending upon our ability to maintain focus on all that we have to be thankful for.


To be fulfilled and accomplished, it is not enough to just show up every day and go through the motions. We must set goals, chip away at them each day, amend routines, and stay patient all the while.

I kept the world in my heart, and a war in my head.

We like to be out in nature so much because it has no opinion about us.


She was lost in her longing to understand.

There are times when I’m alone that I think, this is it. This is actually the natural state. All I need are my thoughts and my small acts of creation and my ability to go or do whatever I want to go or do. I am myself, and that is the point. Pairing is a social construction. It is by no means necessary for everyone to do it. Maybe I’m better like this. Maybe I could live my life in my own world, and then simply leave it when it’s time to go.

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