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Heartbreak is an odd experience. At 7am you wi…

Heartbreak is an odd experience. At 7am you wish you could snooze your alarm and hide from the sunlight. At 10 you feel unstoppable and like maybe today is the day the heartbreak will ease. At 1pm you’re crying at your desk silently, hoping no one will notice and at 2 you’re running to the bathroom because you feel nauseous. At 3 you feel like you can manage. At 5 you’re exhausted from your heart leading you on this emotional roller coaster and your brain unsuccessfully trying to take back control. Come 8 o’clock and you’re squeezing your pillow, howling out to the moon wishing you could feel anything, anything but this.

I believe in moments. The fresh, rush, crush, …

I believe in moments. The fresh, rush, crush, of love. Taking a road trip across the country. Dancing under the stars. Crying in the rain. Being lonely until it hurts. Moments.

I don’t believe in happily ever after, though I wish I did, and I don’t believe in love at first sight. But moments are real, and moments happen, so long as you are looking for them. Maybe I’m just a passionate, delusional person, but that summer my friend and I set off to have the moment of a lifetime.

I do believe in the idea that once you feel th…

I do believe in the idea that once you feel the littlest love for someone, it never leaves, you can think of all the terrible things they’ve done, all the annoying little things they do, how they constantly steal the blankets and you can never get a goodnight sleep, how they constantly act too needy, all the little things they’ve said that didn’t sit right with you. Or you can really dig deeper, which takes a lot more patients and a lot more self discipline, to kind of dig down into those memories…those memories that just seem to be dreamy in a way. They have that beautiful glow that just radiates pure happiness, as you see yourself, and this other person, and the smiles on your faces are so extremely uncontrollable, that smile you try to hide around others, but in this moment you couldn’t even give a fuck about your insecurties, as you are just so extremely caught up in the beauty of that moment, the beauty that you both create.

My traumas with you taught me survival.

My traumas with you taught me survival.

Unless you’ve personally been there, I imagine…

Unless you’ve personally been there, I imagine it’s something that’s difficult to stretch you mind around. It’s a position you can’t picture yourself being in and believe me if you could – you wouldn’t want to. But some people live there… in that darkness… on that knife edge (if you can call that living). But has it ever occurred to you that the reason you can’t imagine suicide ever being a viable option… the reason you can’t wrap your mind around the idea of a person wanting to choose a solution as devastatingly final as ending their life is because you’ve never really considered the kind of hell someone has to go through to arrive at that conclusion? The way you see the world – with its intoxicating highs and terrible lows and its mediocre boring ‘most of the time’ – is not how everybody experiences it. Some people have only lows. You experience life as an ever spinning ferrous wheel of emotions, but some people are hopelessly stuck at the bottom far lower than you will ever go. You think it’s a selfish option because you see a loving family, friends and lovers who will miss you if you left. You see lists of things that make life worth living but some people see a list of things they feel they’ll never be able to escape.
You do not know how heavy a person’s burden is unless you’ve walked in those shoes, you do not know how dark the world looks to some people because you cannot see it with their eyes and that is why you cannot imagine a future so terrifyingly bleak and painful that you would do just about anything to get away from it; a pain so soul destroying you’d do anything not to feel it any more. You cannot know it, cannot imagine it unless you’ve been there… so don’t judge. It’s just that simple. You’re not required to fix it, you’re not even required to be supportive if you don’t want to… just be kind to people and don’t judge. If you lack the emotional depth to empathise with someone else’s pain, then at least keep your mouth closed and stop contributing to it.

You don’t owe anyone an apology for the destru…

You don’t owe anyone an apology for the destructive ways you saved yourself;
you were just surviving,
In ways you know how.

Things I want to tell myself at 21 1. You’ve …

Things I want to tell myself at 21

1. You’ve achieved so much in terms of self care and self respect but there are still some things you have to work on. Like dancing. Yes, you can get drunk and dance and you can dance alone in your room but why do you feel so restrained in front of people?

2. You have a beautiful smile. But you can’t smile genuinely in crowds. Blur them out. Crowds shouldn’t dictate how wide you smile.

3. Have more ice cream. Have double scoops of different flavours and walk around when the sun is out with sticky hands and stained lips.

4. When you’re in situations you have no control over, do not stress. There’s literally no point. Instead focus on things you can control which will indirectly have a positive impact on those tough situations you can’t directly deal with.

5. Always read the preview of a book before buying it. Always.

6. Don’t force yourself to giveaway your childhood books. Somethings you can keep for yourself even if only for occasional smiles and nostalgia.

7. Try. And don’t give up. You will have relapses. You will be doing so well and then will suddenly faulter. A day. Maybe five. But you can get back to it. You can start again. The number times you go back to something you’re trying to change, something you’re working on, strengthens your will. It’s not a sign of losing. It’s a sign that you will eventually conquer.

8. I know you just can’t understand when women are against feminism and when men and women have such a wrong idea of what feminism really is. But you can’t get so agitated. You can’t forcefully change their beliefs.

9. You would like to believe that a friend would be a certain way and your grandparents would be a certain way but just because they are supposed to be loving and available doesn’t mean they actually will. People hardly ever live up to what they should. Even if they are family. Even if they are love.

10. Save first. Then spend out of the remaining money. That’s the only way you can have your Seoul trip by 2020.

11. When you watch a movie or read a book that makes you emotional and nostalgic, texting them isn’t a wise option because they aren’t feeling the same way. It will just be another unwanted text from you.

12. You are privileged. In different ways from most but still privileged. Know your privilege. Don’t look down on others. They aren’t blessed with the same advantages as you are.

13. Let those who want to cancel plans cancel. There’s no point in meeting someone who isn’t as excited and as desirous of meeting you as you are of meeting them. Even if you are friends since 9. Even if you have a treasure trove of childhood memories with them.

14. Sometimes excuses are genuine reasons.

15. 20s isn’t the only decade you’re alive. Don’t stress yourself to achieve everything in these 10 years and don’t drive yourself insane accomplishing things you don’t even want to but believe that you should.

16. Be true to yourself. Even if that’s the only thing you will ever be.

Breathe near my neck and whisper how much you …

Breathe near my neck and whisper how much you love me please, the loneliness is consuming me.

I believe that the world has more to offer tha…

I believe that the world has more to offer than the war between me and myself.

I rather hear the Truth and die, than seek a L…

I rather hear the Truth and die, than seek a Lie and live.