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“To you I’m just collateral damage in your endless battle to find yourself.”

Isabelle F.


“It has always seemed strange to me how you tape all your memories to the walls of your room. As if they would slip away if you didn’t see them every day.

The ticket from our first concert together that still has indie music seeping from the paper and ink.

The picture of the Eiffel tower you took in the winter during a particularly dark acid trip.

The plastic entry bracelet from the camping site where you got so wasted with your friends you lost the night sky.

You cover your walls with tokens of happy days. Tokens of love and adventure. Tokens of heartbreak.

But souvenirs can only last for so long, darling, and, loneliness clashes horribly with white paint.”

Isabelle F.


“You promise yourself fear will never stutter in your heart.

Not ever again.

You’ll cling to neon dreams and iridescent fairytales.

Hope will stick to your honey lips and turn every word they grace into courage.

You’ll be so goddamned brave, light will have to make room for you.”

Isabelle F.

Babe, you shine so bright, one day you’…

you shine so bright, one day you’re going to make the whole world go blind.

We say ‘I love you’ as an excuse to keep hold…

We say ‘I love you’ as an excuse
to keep holding onto lies disguised as promises.

We say ‘I love you’ like an apology
for all the pain that
we will cause each other.

We say ‘I love you’ instead of goodbye to pretend leaving wasn’t always the plan.

Darling, love is supposed to build you up, no…

love is supposed to build you up, not tear you down.

please, oh please,
have the courage to choose the truth even when it hurts.
fairy tales have a way of wrecking you in the end.

You once said the door was open. As if that wo…

You once said the door was open.
As if that would bring me any comfort.

Said I could leave whenever I wanted to.
Knowing you wouldn’t even try to stop me.

Let’s play pretend, my love.
We’ll run in circles until the music fades out.

You’ll hold me tight for all the dances we didn’t get to complete.
You’ll look at the sky and search for my smile.

Look here…
This is me walking away

9 of the best advice my mom ever gave me: •F…

9 of the best advice my mom ever gave me:
•Forgive not because they deserve it but because you do.
•Be kinder to those around you than they are to you because you are not them and they probably need it the most.
•If you think you can’t do it then you’ve already failed, so know that you can.
•Nothing is ever black and nothing is ever white. You would be naive to think people are that easily understood and described as good and bad, the good will always have something bad about them and the bad will always have some good in them. Give both the benefit of the doubt.
•Sometimes it is necessary to go through a phase in a relationship where you love yourself a lot more than you love your partner. When you love yourself they will start to love you more because you show them your worth.
Same thing with friendships.
•Always leave a shred of softness towards people. Burning bridges is sometimes more tiring and emotionally exhasting than leaving it as it is especially since we’re all going through this life together. Don’t cut friends off completely because they couldn’t reach the standards of the friendship you had, you need to have friends who are friends from a far it makes life normal. If you despised every person who turned out to be not what you expected then you would have no more room for love in your heart.
•Some people go with the flow and keep up with who/what’s popular even if you don’t approve, people like to feel whole in different ways. Accept their ways and move on.
•Love yourself the most because no one is going to give you what you want from this life. People will come close but no one will give you all that you can give yourself. You are going to acheive your dreams and live your life by your own choices and decisions.
•You are overflowing with both logic and emotions, learn to use both in the right situations but never dismiss one entirely.

‘Someday’ you spill out over lips …

‘Someday’ you spill out over lips tainted with false promises.

You smile and I fall again.
Again and again and again.
Mapping out a future where this distance doesn’t hurt.

They say hope is the last light to go out.

So,darling, I will hold onto your ‘someday’s and your ‘I love you’s until my heart gives in.

The thing is, darling, rainbows don’t always c…

The thing is, darling, rainbows don’t always come after the storm.

Sometimes dripping hair and shaking hands are all you have to start over.

So, my love,
Learn to find comfort in cloudy skies and fading horizons.