Lessons I learnt this year. #1 Don’t make home…

Lessons I learnt this year.
#1 Don’t make home out of people. They leave, they leave all the frigging time. Save your heart from the sorrows, be independent and put yourself first. Self love is not selfish.

#2 Dreams do come true after all but that doesn’t mean you can sit still and do nothing. You have to work your ass off for it then it’ll surely come your way.

#3 Friendship doesn’t fill the gas tank. Not gonna elaborate on this, well all know this!

#4 Love yourself. Buy that dress even though it comes with a hefty price tag, read that book that you have in your shelf for the longest time, wear make up , paint your face as your heart desires, sleep for 12 hours , sleep the whole weekend away, sleep for 1 hour if that’s what you want. This is your life, you can’t let people dictate what’s supposed to be yours.