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Retro Inspired Patches For Empaths, Healers & Starseeds by Jeff Finley

Artist Jeff Finley from StarseedSupplyCo first began to chanel his inner starseed when he sought to heal his depression. He used his creativity as an instrument by starting a blog where he discusses his philosophical ideas. On the road to recover from depression, he experienced numerous out of body experiences and a spiritual awakening. The following year, one of his shamanic healers told him he was a Starseed. He educates us on what it means to be a starseed. He writes,

“A Starseed is a term that would describe a person who has awakened to their cosmic consciousness and infinite nature. They often feel an extreme sense of purpose on this planet, although they may not know what that purpose is. If you’re reading this, you are probably a Starseed.

They often feel out of place or alien, like they do not belong here on Earth or with their families or society. They might do a good job blending in, but it often comes at the expense of their well-being. Many Starseeds find themselves dealing with depression throughout their life until they are able to fully be themselves and express their own unique gifts and purpose.

Some Starseeds have a strong resonance with extra-terrestrial beings as either guides or soul families. They may have direct contact through channeling, astral projection, dreams, or intuitive or psychic abilities. Others are just fascinated or have a strong attraction to aliens.

Some may not resonate at all with the Starseed label, but still have a similar mission. Maybe they’re just healers, empaths, visionaries, or conscious creators. They are prolilfic makers, inspiring leaders, lightworkers, or gifted artists.”

Healers, Empaths, Introverts & Starseed, you can find a patch here!

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