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I Wrote This for You and Only You by Iain Thomas and Jon Ellis 

“This is me. This is you. This is us. This is every human being, past and present, old and young, of every ethnicity, race and faith. Our every complex human emotion translated into words. Someone knows and someone understands. This is the essence of what it truly means to be human.” —Ethar El-Katatney

Iain Thomas (a.k.a. pleasefindthis) and Jon Ellis’ ambitious follow-up to  I Wrote This for YouI Wrote This for You and Only You is an accumulation of the poet’s and photographer’s collaboration between prose and visuals from the best entries from 2011-2017. Although there’s an unspoken truth in art and literature, which predicts that a sequel is never as “good” as the first; we would like to gladly inform you that I Wrote This for You and Only You is as poetic and profound as I Wrote This For You. The hidden charm and spell-binding quality in the uncanny project exist within its immense relativity.

The passages are straightforward representations of emotions and feelings, which may seem obvious, but are often overlooked in a busy a day and fickle head. The reassurance of love, wise words, and the empathy of heartbreak and loss have transformed Thomas’ and Ellis’ poetry and photography collection into a sincere meditation on the human soul. It’s not loud, explicit or vulgar, it’s highly humble, humane and heartfelt. The irresistible symphony of the hauntingly beautiful words become etched on your skin. You’ll find yourself using these words to heal others and yourself.  

The obscure photography, which accompanies the prose behaves as a stimulant for creativity, which doesn’t fog anybody’s interpretation of the expressions on paper. The union between images and words demand an observation, which will inspire you to write. If you are an aspiring writer, who’s afraid to pick up a pen, I Wrote This for You and Only You will give you the courage necessary to try. 

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Images Courtesy of Official I Wrote This For You Tumblr

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