Five Dangerous Behaviors


We have all experienced the person. The person with the negative attitude whose dark cloud metastasizes throughout a relationship, family, business or community, bringing discord, disorder and disaster.

In order to maintain harmonious relationships, Stephen Covey in The 8th Habit says that there are five “cancerous” behaviors we need to stop, not only within ourselves, but also in others.

Complaining. Criticizing. Comparing. Competing. Contending.

These are five behaviors that destroy relationships.

Complaining. Nothing is ever good enough for the person who complains.

Criticizing. Nobody can ever do anything right for this person.

Comparing. This person compares people or possessions with envy, jealousy or put-downs.

Competing. This person thinks they are better, smarter or richer than everyone else.

Contending. This person tries to make other people look like losers, so he or she can look like a winner. Everything is a competition.