How to study when you don’t feel like it🌟🌟

There are some days where i don’t feel like studying at all .Its like all my motivation to study and grow has just vanished. Everything else looks more interesting even staring on wall for hours and my mind wanders like crazy.💃

During my exams i have constant PRESSURE on me and that drives me to work but on regular days where i don’t have any tests and the classes are even boring , I struggle to get down to study.

So here are some tips which usually works well for me 🍃🍃

1. Have a pep talk with yourself

Kind of weird if anybody sees you doing this but it work like a charm every time. Stand in front of a mirror and talk why you have to study regularly, what benefits you will get and motivate yourself by saying things like – ‘Hey buddy you can do it I believe in you …we are gonna rock this semester together" and things like that.

2. If you day dream a lot and are not able to concentrate

Tell yourself that you will think about it at a specific time later. Usually when I am studying i just randomly starts imaging a scenario of a novel or movie or TV series and start fangirling about it so at that time I remind myself that OK we will think about it but not now , for eg. At night when I will go to bed. Constantly remind yourself of the time you designated whenever your mind wanders.

3. Set a schedule for the day

First make a list of all the things that you have to do and then arrange them in order of your priority . Then assign time limits to all your tasks.

For eg. 2-4pm – do my homework

4-4:15 – snacks

4:20-5 – reading the next chapter

And so on . every transition between tasks should have atleast 5 min margin .That makes your schedule more flexible and manageable.

3. Avoid any kind of distractions

Your friend’s text or your favourite youtuber’s video can wait. You have assigned time for it in your schedule so check your texts , emails , videos then not now. Putting your phone in silent mode also helps.

If you know you will be hungry while studying then bring a banana or any other fruit with you before studying .Don’t wander around your house searching for snack when you should be studying.

4.Watch a motivational video or read a inspiring article about your idol or any prominent figure from your field.

This will surely inspire you and you will feel a new energy in you.

5. Practice effective study techniques.

Everyone has their own methods which work best for them but some common one include, using :

  • Pomodoro technique ( studying hard for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 min break so every third break should be a little longer)
  • First reading then making notes in your own vocab. which will be easier for you to understand later .
  • Learning a topic then teaching it to a freinds can also help( you can teach the topic to your stuffed animals also it doesn’t matter😝)
  • You can also record the lesson in your voice and listen later whenever you want .Like listening while cooking or while exercising.

Always remember there are no rules for these techniques you can make changes to them and find what suits you best.

Hope this helps , comment any technique which you find useful.

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