We often expect wisdom to come from intelligent people that say counterintuitive things. We recognize the imperfections in our lives and assume there must be some mysterious answers that need to be revealed to us by clever persons. Unfortunately, a great deal of common sense and intuitive behaviors are exactly what are needed to improve ourselves and our situations. Food and exercise are great examples. Why do we need famed physicians to tell us to follow some outlandish and unorthodox rigmarole to improve our health, when fundamental precepts for health eating and exercise have proven effective time and again. Why does a new idea need to fly in the face of convention to be worth listening to? Innovation builds upon ideas more often than it destroys and replaces them. Certainly there may be harm in conventional wisdom when it is not founded in truth or reality but is rather only a shared belief. We should be skeptical about all ideas, neither assuming conventional thinking must always be banal nor assuming novelty and contradiction must represent intelligence.