9 of the best advice my mom ever gave me: •F…

9 of the best advice my mom ever gave me:
•Forgive not because they deserve it but because you do.
•Be kinder to those around you than they are to you because you are not them and they probably need it the most.
•If you think you can’t do it then you’ve already failed, so know that you can.
•Nothing is ever black and nothing is ever white. You would be naive to think people are that easily understood and described as good and bad, the good will always have something bad about them and the bad will always have some good in them. Give both the benefit of the doubt.
•Sometimes it is necessary to go through a phase in a relationship where you love yourself a lot more than you love your partner. When you love yourself they will start to love you more because you show them your worth.
Same thing with friendships.
•Always leave a shred of softness towards people. Burning bridges is sometimes more tiring and emotionally exhasting than leaving it as it is especially since we’re all going through this life together. Don’t cut friends off completely because they couldn’t reach the standards of the friendship you had, you need to have friends who are friends from a far it makes life normal. If you despised every person who turned out to be not what you expected then you would have no more room for love in your heart.
•Some people go with the flow and keep up with who/what’s popular even if you don’t approve, people like to feel whole in different ways. Accept their ways and move on.
•Love yourself the most because no one is going to give you what you want from this life. People will come close but no one will give you all that you can give yourself. You are going to acheive your dreams and live your life by your own choices and decisions.
•You are overflowing with both logic and emotions, learn to use both in the right situations but never dismiss one entirely.