To the men who don’t know how to love a woman,…

To the men who don’t know how to love a woman, you are genocide; For with your words and with your actions you carve out a nation from its womb when you plant your seed in her but are never there to reap it; cause you yourself were premature; You know nothing of harvest cause you take pride in counting the dead buds that stain your bed at night; cause unlike other little boys your age you were never taught to count stars instead; So you thrust yourself to sleep to the tune of her naive moans caressing you into a dream that led you to believe that somewhere between her legs lay the throne of your manhood.
To the men who are smart enough to move their lips to say “girls are crazy” but are just not smart enough to ask why.
To the men who get offended by “all men are trash” but expect me to “throw my ass in a circle” to “these hoes ain’t loyal” then turn around and say “baby girl you a freak” yet the only freak present in this sh*t show is its driver: mentality.
To you men who shame their mothers by spitting their worth into the lips of another woman; and ridiculing their gift as woman to birth life, then turn around and say “mama I love you” yet you curse every woman with the same gifts and expect them to birth your sin which will one day turn to them, after committing your same crimes, and say to them too “mama I love you.”