To my body, I am deeply sorry for all the thi…

To my body,

I am deeply sorry for all the things I have said to you every time I look into the mirror. Seeing only your flaws and imperfections. How my body is not as pretty and well-shaped like others. How my scars are so visible like the pain that I have inside. How I always loathe myself because all I can notice is the ugliness that I have but fail to see the radiance of beauty when I smile, when I laugh.. or even when I cry..

You deserve to be appreciated. Thank you for being my home. For 19 years, you became my cocoon. You became my shelter. You love me so much because you never failed to heal me when I have wounds. Physically or mentally… I’m so sorry for everything.. you make me wonderful. Even the crooked teeth that I have. You still make me look amazing. I will take care of you, as long as I live.