Like most dishes, you might have to substitute…

Like most dishes, you might have to substitute ingredients in order to cater to your specific needs, wants, likes, dislikes. The same is true with this particular recipe. You can find many of these ingredients in your own home.

1) Entities: Separate your anxiety and depression as little people that you hang out with all day, every day. You may find yourself being kinder to yourself in this case, because when would you ever be mean to your friends who are dealing with this?

2) Cleanliness: Make an effort to either shower daily and change clothes, or at least keep your face washed and teeth brushed. This helps you feel like a clean slate, a perfectly clean palette ready to face the world. It’s good for your mood.

3) Tidiness: Look around you. Something out of place? Make a list, or a note, to organize or clean up something a little at a time. Messy desk? Move one thing per day, per hour, etc. until your space is looking clean and easier to deal with. This can reduce anxiety.

4) Limber Up: Do some stretches, massage your shoulders, arms, calves. Anywhere your muscles feel tight. It’ll feel a little nicer and if you do this at least once a day, might help with some constant pains.

5) Replace Sorry with Thank You: “I’m sorry for being late” into “Thank you for waiting for me”, and “Sorry for being difficult” into “Thank you for being there for me during this hard time”.

6) Get Lost: Lie down and do some daydreaming. Don’t get too lost, as you don’t want to go into the negative areas of the brain, but get lost in something good. And remember, even if it is a daydream now, doesn’t mean it always will be, or that it always was.

7) Make Someone Happy: If you care for someone, seeing them smile and be grateful for something you’ve done is the kind of happiness you can’t get any other way. I like to have my mother come home to a freshly cleaned kitchen, or take my dogs on long walks and then treat them to warm baths. Sometimes I buy them little gifts for no reason.

8) Hydrate: Drinking water is not overrated. You’ll feel all kinds of great if you pass up the cola and get some water in you. Add some fresh cut up fruit to make it tastier. This one has multiple good reasons: if you’re anxious around someone, you can drink water to avoid having to talk. Then, you’ll be peeing more, so you can visit the restroom more to avoid talking as well. Avoidance isn’t good, but drinking water is, so I guess this is kind of a neutral ingredient.

Feel free to substitute, add, or take out some of the ingredients if you think your recipe will come out better that way!

Bon Appétit!