Dear body, Im sorry for everything. Im sorry f…

Dear body,
Im sorry for everything. Im sorry for forcefully ripping out hairs. Im sorry for poking you with sharp things. I only did it to be pretty and to make myself happier. It doesnt really work. Im sorry for running blades over you. Teasing you with pain, but never doing it. Im sorry for injuring you so many times. Looking at the scars, I can see how careless I am with you. Im sorry for neglecting to take care of you. I keep saying I hate you, but not doing anything to help you. Instead of eating what you need to stay healthy, I eat crap. Instead of arch supports for my flat feet, I just stress my ankles more. I already tore two ligaments. I know how much it hurt you, I was in pain too. Im sorry for not getting exercise, I cant. You are injured, there is only so much I can do to help you. Im trying my best to bring your weight down, but I cant. You could try and help, its too much for my mind to do. You could try and resist me putting all of that crap into you. You know im sorry that I forgot to take those pills, you were used to them now theyre gone. I know they helped you with PCOS.
You know you dont help me. When we met, you had all of these problems that you didnt tell me about. PCOS, a tendency to become overweight, flat feet, and sleep apnea. You have made me spend so much money, you know? Just to keep you functioning, THEN you forget to help yourself. We have a CPAP, but you never use it. You are injuring yourself. I know that i’m a bitch to you, but you are a bitch to me as well. If you weren’t so lazy, maybe we would have a better relationship.
That was harsh. Im sorry…no I am not. I needed to tell you this, even if you are just something imaginary. Well you’re real, but you can’t understand this. I control you, I am using you to type this. You see what I am saying, but you cant help me. Only I can help myself, I just have to figure out how to get you to help me.
I guess what I am trying to say, body, is that:
1. I am sorry for hurting you
2. You need to pull your weight
Thank you for being here.
Sincerely your owner,