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High Fashion Baroque-Inspired Portraits of  Black Girls Encourage Them To Embrace Their Natural Hair

Photographic series called Afro Art celebrates the girls of color’s natural hair that they often fail to appreciate, falling prey to the stringent beauty standards of the world.

Black girls often hide their real hair behind wigs and extensions as the feel that they need to fit the mold of what it means to be beautiful. The entire concept of beauty, as defined by media, fails to incorporate diversity. And to push this thought process, dynamic couple, Regis and Kahran, a husband and wife, from Atlanta-based CreativeSoul Photo have teamed up. The duo depicted a series of portraits of young girls with elaborate hairstyles, drawing inspiration from the Baroque period.

Each of these bespoke compositions are a step towards body positivity, sending the message to little girls to flaunt the hair that they are born with. Because it is truly beautiful. These photos not only are appealing for their aesthetics but are considered phenomenal for standing as an example where the power of art is used to challenge the status quo.

View the photographs here to embrace the versatility of afro hair.