10 pieces of advice i would give myself. 1.) …

10 pieces of advice i would give myself.

1.) Work hard. Hard work always pays off. There’s nothing better than feeling proud of yourself, and how far you have come.

2.) find the little things that make you happy if life, because when you do. It makes it easier to fix a bad day.

3.) Don’t depend on anyone else. You yourself are strong and knowledgeable. You know what’s best for you, no one else does. Make your own happiness and success and let all the other people just be accents.

4.) Fight for love. Don’t ever let the people you love the most go. Especially your soul mate. Fight for the ones you care about and if the feel the same way they will fight just as hard for you. Love isn’t easy, but you know it’s not real when it is easy.

5.) Don’t be insecure. Being insecure is not attractive and only brings yourself down. Be grateful that you’re one of a kind, and use it to your advantage. If you love yourself, it will be easier for others to love you.Don’t let people walk over you. You are strong, and you need people to know that. No matter what, fight for yourself and your opinions. You need to be heard and you need to let people know that they can’t judge you.

6.) Everything comes in waves. All the good shit and all the bullshit. Be patient, and breathe. the happiness is coming in the next set of waves, but you just have to let this wave break first.

7.) don’t care what anyone thinks, because honestly at the end of the day you are the only person that will be with you for your entire life. Please yourself, be proud of yourself. Don’t feel the need to please others.

8.) Stay calm, talk calm, be calm. It’s the only way things will be okay. Panicking or freaking out all the time only is a waste of energy and gets absolutely nothing done.

9.) Read or write or both. As boring as it seems it’s honestly incredible. You gain so much important knowledge and find out who you are as a person (especially in writing). it is a sense of stability of being a human being.

10.) Don’t take anything for granted. all it takes is one second and something is never the same again. Enjoy every moment you have with every single thing even during the hard times.