Dear self, I am so sorry for hating you for s…

Dear self,

I am so sorry for hating you for so many years

For letting other people define my self-worth instead of just believing in myself

I’m sorry for putting you through so much pain

I never meant to hurt you so much

I’m sorry for not seeing how beautiful you truly are

For letting those hurtful things people would say to me get to me

I’m sorry for being so hard on you for so many years

I should have been gentle with you and took care of you

You needed me and I let you down for years

I never meant to let you down for so many years

I’m sorry for letting my insecurities get the best of me

But here’s to the nights I spent crying in my bedroom in pain

Here’s to the trials and tribulations I’ve gone through

Here’s to the days I spent questioning my own existence

I deserve to love myself and have self confidence

My body and soul deserve to be loved

So here’s to my body and soul

Here’s to the next chapters in my life

Finally learning to love myself with my flaws and imperfections

I owe you an apology for hating you for so long

So here is my sincere apologies.

– Love, Me