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Bookworm Inspired Scented Candles Smell Like the Inside of Dumbledore’s Office & Old Book

Minnesota-based studio Frostbeard is comprised of married couple Roxie & Tom. They create a candle line called The Book Lovers, which are inspired by the bibliophile mind and the bookworm culture. Influenced by comforting scents such as a new book, a vintage bookstore and other illusory book inspired locations, including Sherlock’s study and Gatsby’s infamous mansion. They capture Gatsby’s aura with three simple smells: champagne fizz from the glamour of the 1920s, sea mist from the Long Island shore and a Daisy floral scent after his unrequited dalliance.

The couple has also created the ideal library scented candle along with other fruity, eucalyptus, and classic smells. The soy wax in which they are created from burns nice and clean, which is eco-friendly! Find these awesome bookworm candles here!

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